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Metallics and Shimmers


Metallics and Shimmers

Metallics and shimmers are an excellent way to convey your creativity by highlighting or creating your design with metal-like effects. 

--Choose shimmers for a more subtle metallic effect (matte finish).

--Shimmers are impervious to tarnishing and are the best choice for long term use.

--For a polished finish choose Liquid Gold* or Liquid Silver*, not recommended for 100% poly garments. 

*Liquid Silver and Gold are true metallics (metal flake) and thus will tarnish over a multitude of washings. 

--All metallic inks are available at no additional charge and on regular turnarounds

--To maximize your metallic prints wash the garments inside-out in cold water and hang to dry

--Shimmers can be mixed to match the Pantone Metallic Guide (871c-877c series).

--Not compatible with halftone gradients below 20% or above 80%, coarse halftone dots strongly recommended.


--PLEASE NOTE: the pattern of holes in the dragons shown below is a halftone effect created only for example in OUR artwork    

  Liquid Gold (metallic)-                                                                                           Liquid Silver (metallic)-

Liquid GoldLiquid Silver

   Silver Shimmer-                                                             Gold Shimmer-

Jeweltone SilverGold Shimmer

  Gun Metal Shimmer-                                                       Copper Shimmer-

GunMetal ShimmerBronze Shimmer






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