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Fairfax Screen Printing Embroidery Process 

The techniques of embroidery are so old that its origins are lost in time but we have surviving examples from ancient Egypt, Europe, and China. It is a technique where tightly stitched threads are hand applied to material to create a design or pattern. In the past it was reserved for the wealthiest clientele as it demanded a high level of skill and it was labor intensive and expensive, all work was done by hand.
Today embroidery is still done by hand in some cases but modern computerized embroidery machines do most of it today using patterns "digitized" with embroidery software. Mimicking the elaborate hand embroidery of the past, modern machine embroidery is used to add logos and designs to shirts, jackets, hats, bags, and more. Choose embroidery for your garments to add class and distinction to your brand.


Fairfax Screen Printing has been embroidering sportswear for almost a decade and we know that care in taking and processing an order is only part of the process. Quality art, perfect digitizing of your design, fine embroidery materials, state of the art machines, and attention to detail are all part of the process that you don't see and all contribute to making high quality and beautiful embroidery. Like our screen printing all embroidery is done on premises and constantly monitored by our staff.


embroidery04Quality embroidery art comes from a combination of good communication with you and our professional staff to transform your ideas into an effective design. We are logo specialists. Some designs that can be successfully screen printed may not embroider properly because of the inherent limitations of the technique, such as fine lettering and high levels of detail. Fine detail and lettering is possible, but has to be evaluated on a design to design basis. Not every surface is conducive to every design. For example, some embroidery can be too fine for rough or textured materials which can in turn can cover or distort the end result. We will guide you in your selections and recommend what works best. At FSP, you're guaranteed to get expert help so that your logos will reproduce beautifully and be proudly worn for years to come.
As part of creating embroidery art and before we embroider your order, we email you proofs of your design. We will work with you to refine and adjust your design until you feel it is right and we know it will come out beautifully.


Digitizing is the process whereby your design is converted into a computerized program that tells our embroidery machines what to do. It is a critical step and is an essential component for a quality product. Beware of "free" or cut-rate digitizing services, it is not a bargain if you aren't happy with the end result. There are many digitizers who would produce substandard results, cutting corners by reducing thread density for shorter run times, or by utilizing low quality inexpensive thread to fluff up your logo. Not here, not us.

It takes years of experience to produce the type of quality our customers have come to expect in the digitizing of their designs and company logos. We feel that by controlling and managing the embroidery process on premises, that we provide the best embroidery possible. And, we guarantee your satisfaction with every aspect of our service.


embroidery05The selection of colors, sizing of your work, and placement are all important for a great product.
Unlike screen printing where almost unlimited color matching with Pantone inks is possible, embroidery threads are more limited. We understand the color limitations and will work with you to select the best color matches possible until you are satisfied with the colors used for your logo. Only the finest quality Madiera threads are used and they are colorfast, bleach-resistant, and produce a fine texture with a satin finish. Some embroiders use lower quality treads that are thick and have a dull finish. These lesser materials allows for the quicker "fill" of designs and cuts the actual time it takes to embroider a garment. It cuts the cost of producing embroidered garments down but the end result from the use of inferior materials is a finished job that appears crude with less detail and threads that lacks the sheen and beauty of our high quality Madiera materials.

Logo placement and sizing:
It is also important that your design is sized correctly. Two different designs may be physically the same size but one may "visually look" larger than another. As a result, the actual size of your embroidery may need to be adjusted to compensate. Embroidery is an elegant look so a minimalist approach is often best. A logo also needs to be placed correctly on a garment, not too high and not too low. This is also partly a function of the height of the design and its "visual weight". We know from decades of experience how to size and place your design.

Finally we turn to the embroidery. Your garments are "hooped" to hold them in place and then inserted into our machines to start the actual embroidery. The hoop is a device used to hold fabric tight and flat. We also utilize hooping presses rather than hand hooping for precision and consistency. We have superior and precise quality machines that have the capacity to embroidery 15 different colors at one time. The quality of the machines in combination with expert digitizing critically comes into play as the computer generated design is sent via our network to the machines and the process begins.
During this final stage the machines are carefully and constantly monitored to be sure everything is working as it should. When finished the garments are removed from the machines, checked again for accuracy, and then removed from the hoops. After being removed each garment is hand trimmed and steamed to remove any unnecessary or loose threads and any markings left by the hoop. Once completed you order is counted, boxed, and checked for quality so that you may have many years of pleasure using a quality embroidered shirt, hat, jacket, or bag.

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