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Discharge Inks

Discharge Ink

Okay, this is where the fun starts!  Let's start off by saying that Discharge has its quirks BUT also has remarkable advantages, so please bear with us while you read this page!

--Discharge removes the garment's dye and replaces with color in the print

--Discharge is the softest of all t-shirt inks, no plastic feel!  

--Required over seams; wrap prints, side prints, off-the-hem printing

--Discharge is for 100% cotton garments

--We recommend Next Level 3600, Canvas 3001C and Anvil 980

--Limited 50/50's will "discharge", primarly heathered colors. 

--Not possible on Dri-fit (100% polyester)!  Tri-blends also not recommended

--Only certain shirt colors will "discharge" properly,  view chart

--Discharged t-shirts must be washed once to obtain softness, more washing = more softness!

--Upcharges are per garment, not per print!

Upcharges for Jumbo Prints-add to online quote

1-3 ink colors: 12 min shirts, 4 ink colors: 24 min shirts, 5-6 ink colors 72 pc minimum order

Garment Quantity 12-23 24-47 48-71
100-143 144-199 200+
Additional Cost Per Item +$1.25 per item
+.75 per item  +.50 per item
+.40 per item
+.30 per item
+.25 per item +.20 per item


 **Standard Turnarounds on Discharge subject to production availability in peak months


Stock discharge colors shown below.  Non-stock colors can be custom mixed, $50 charge per color, exact color matching not possible

PMS matching of color is not gauranteed, results vary based on shirt brand and cotton, expect some variation in the color of ink.

Discharge ColorsComparison


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