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About Fairfax Screen Printing and Embroidery

Fairfax Screen Printing has produced fine custom printed and embroidered sportswear for over 30 consecutive years! We know what we are doing and our high standards ensure quality garments time after time. We have thousands of customers and have earned high customer satisfaction ratings through years of service, quality, and reliability. After all, you can't be in business for over 30 years without doing it right!

Our Philosophy:

All customers are always treated with care and respect, we listen to their needs, and we want them to be completely satisfied. It's our goal and commitment to provide the best quality custom screen printed and embroidered products available and we stand behind our work. We will be happy to fix any mistake made by Fairfax Screen Printing; all we ask is that you report the mistake to us within 48 hours after you receive your order. Fairfax Screen Printing's philosophy of doing business is simple and straight forward. "We strive for high quality printing and embroidery, great customer service, and efficient on time production."

On Time Every Time - Turn Around:

Reliability is a keystone of a successful business and we deliver on time. Your order is important to us so we monitor every aspect of your screen printed or embroidered sportswear order, right here, on our premises. Everything we do is in house: from taking your order, designing your artwork, production and quality control. This ensures your garments will be printed on time, accurate and delivered exactly when you need them.

Custom Art with Panache:

Our design capabilities are limitless. Give us your ideas and we'll give you artwork that is creative and has impact. Our professional staff will refine and improve your artwork or ideas; we will transform any artwork from the ordinary to the outstanding! When you look good, we look good.

Our Quality:

Every garment goes through our stringent quality control department assuring that our goods always surpass your expectations. Your finished product is not only a reflection of your business but of ours.

We go the extra mile in decorating dark garments too. All dark garments are first printed with a white base under the image. Colors are applied over that base with exact registration producing bright fresh colors while maintaining a "soft hand", no bullet proof printing here.

Our quality embroidery is detailed with densely embroidered threads. We use fine Rayon Madiera threads that take more time to embroider but produce a superior product. We do not use inexpensive and bulky threads that cover quickly. Thread count is not sacrificed for cheaper faster production and a loss of quality.


Fairfax Screen Printing uses the finest and most up to date screen printing and embroidery equipment available. With our high speed precision automatic printers we have the capacity to print up to 12,000 garments daily.

Simulated Process full color imprints are our specialty because we have the screen making capacity and printing equipment that is necessary to achieve the best product. We have machines that automatically coat our screens with emulsion for a totally smooth and even surface that is critical for dot patterns and consistent application of ink. Others are happy with a 10% dot, we can produce a 2% dot. The work is enhanced further by our computerized PMS color matching system and our direct delivery of art images to our screens, no in between steps and no films that diminish detail. We have super fine detail and exact registration every time we print. All the technical aside, our quality will suprise you and our prints are second to none. 

Our ink of choice is Plastisol and Discharge. We have found over the years that both produce a consistently high quality durable print. Our prints do not crack or wear off over time, with proper care they will last for years. We recommend machine-washing your screen printed t-shirts inside out in cold water and tumble drying on low (unless the garment tag calls for a different drying procedure). We do not recommend dry cleaning any screen printed garments.

Win- Win:

We know that when you win, we win. You win with fine quality garments produced on time at great prices. We win because our customers are loyal and come back year after year. You can't buy "Word of mouth" advertising and our customers spread the word. This has helped us build our business over the last 30 plus years.

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